Can I Play COC On Two Devices?

Can I use my clash of clans account on another device?

If your on Android, sign in with Google Play and you can add your account onto as many devices as you wnat.

If your on iOS, make a Game Center and log into both devices with that Game Center.

Apple will sync over you Clash Of Clans data!.

Can you play Hay Day on 2 devices?

Android: Hay Day on two devices On your Android Smartphone or Tablet, you must be logged in on both devices with the same Google account. Thus, the game scores are always synchronized on both devices. To do this, open the “settings”App and select the category “account”.

Can I play Brawl Stars on multiple devices?

Yes you can! Make sure that your devices are logged in using the same Google Play account, as it automatically saves in-game progress, also on multiple devices. … Start the Google Play Game center app on your device and log in.

How can I get back my COC account?

AndroidOpen the Clash of Clans application.Go to Game Settings.Connect to a Google+ account so you can link your old village.Find the Help and Support tab in the Game Settings menu.Select Report an Issue.Select Other Problem.

How do I transfer my clash of clans account to supercell ID?

Get a Supercell ID, and you’ll be able to seamlessly transfer your Clash of Clans account from one device to another. Within the game, tap on Settings. It’s the gear-shaped icon on the right side of the screen. On the Settings pop-up, tap Supercell ID.

How can I play FarmVille 2 on multiple devices?

Once you have synced your Farm on both devices you can play offline or online and enjoy the Farm life.Before completing your session in FarmVille 2: Country Escape make sure to connect to the internet so your newest Progress is saved and can be synced to any other device you want to visit your Farm from.

Can I transfer my hay day game to another device?

Currently the only two methods are though Game Centre and Facebook. Game Centre is unreliable, as Apple is seemingly phasing it out. Which means that Facebook is the only option, but for those who don’t use Facebook, there is no way (to the best of my knowledge) to transfer ones Hay Day account to another device.