Quick Answer: How Do You Get Cells With Acrylic Pouring?

How do you get large cells in acrylic pouring?

The most reliable way to create cells in your acrylic paint pour is to use silicone or another oil additive.

This will almost guarantee that you get cells in your fluid painting.

We recommend that you try each of these different cell making techniques one by one..

Does Liquitex pouring medium create cells?

The pour – all poured the same, and tilted the same on the tile. No difference seen. Cells – the 100% Floetrol seemed to give better cells. There were fewer cells in the 100% Liquitex and the 50/50 mix did have cells, but they seemed to break up and go feathery where the paints seemed to mix.

How do you prevent cells in acrylic pours?

If you do not want cells, do not use additives like silicone or alcohol. In my experience, some pouring mediums are better than others if you don’t want cells. I have found that Liquitex makes less cells than floetrol, and I think GAC 800 is the best of all when you don’t want cells.

What can I use instead of pouring medium?

Your Pouring Medium can be many things. We have experimented with water, Mod Podge (Glossy), dish soap, PVA Glue, Acrylic Flow Improver and more.