Quick Answer: How Do You Use Adept In A Sentence?

How do you say highly skilled?

skilledaccomplished,ace,adept,compleat,complete,consummate,crack,crackerjack,More items….

What does the word prevail mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to gain ascendancy through strength or superiority : triumph. 2 : to be or become effective or effectual. 3 : to use persuasion successfully prevailed on him to sing.

How do you use culmination?

Culminated sentence examplesAnother matter which deserves attention was the great drought which culminated in the year 1902. … The Khazars, straitened on every side, remained passive till the danger culminated in the accession of Attila (434).More items…

What does conducive to learning mean?

: making it easy, possible, or likely for something to happen or exist — + to. The school tries to create an atmosphere (that is) conducive to learning. [=an atmosphere that makes learning easier]

What part of speech is the word adept?

adeptpart of speech:adjectivepart of speech:noundefinition:a very skilled person; expert. I had no idea she was such an adept at investing. synonyms: expert, master, master hand, virtuoso, whiz antonyms: incompetent similar words: maestro, pro, wizardrelated words:artist6 more rows

How do you use the word adept?

Adept sentence examplesIt’s fine! … The French symbolists found an enthusiastic adept in Eugenio de Castro. … While Fred, and to a lesser extent Cynthia, had solved cryptograms in the newspaper, neither were particularly adept at it.More items…

Is it adept at or adept in?

As seen in this Google Ngram search, adept in is the more archaic usage, while adept at is more modern. Furthermore, adept was historically used as a noun, as in: “He is an adept in the game of chess.” Currently, adept is more commonly used as an adjective, as in: “He is adept at the game of chess.”

What does culmination mean?

1 : the action of culminating. 2 : culminating position : climax the culmination of a brilliant career the culmination of years of research.

What is conducive mean?

: tending to promote or assist an atmosphere conducive to education.

What’s another word for conducive?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for conducive, like: favorable, contributive, accessory, contributory, beneficial, helpful, unfavorable, adverse, unhelpful, hindering and discouraging.

What is a conducive environment?

providing the right conditions for something good to happen or exist: Such a noisy environment was not conducive to a good night’s sleep. A quiet room is a more conducive atmosphere for studying.

What’s another word for culmination?

Some common synonyms of culmination are acme, apex, climax, peak, pinnacle, and summit.

What is an adept person?

: a highly skilled or well-trained person : someone who is adept at something.

How do you describe a skillful person?

Are you looking for another word to describe a person who is highly skilled, very proficient or expert at something? Try the adjective adept! Although an adept person today cannot turn lead into gold, the adjective is still high praise meaning “skilled, expert, highly proficient.” …

What does chide mean?

intransitive verb. : to speak out in angry or displeased rebuke is quick to chide against the mayor for his negligence. transitive verb. : to voice disapproval to : reproach in a usually mild and constructive manner : scold She chided us for arriving late.

Is a culmination of?

The culmination is the end point or final stage of something you’ve been working toward or something that’s been building up. A culmination isn’t just the conclusion. … It’s the climax of the story, the final crowning achievement, the end result of years of research.

Is adept a word?

As both noun and adjective, it developed the more general sense “(a person) highly skilled or proficient in a subject.” The adjective adept appears about a quarter of a century before the noun, but they have the same etymology, coming from Latin adeptus, the perfect participle of adipiscī “to overtake, catch up with, …

Who is a skilled person?

A skilled worker is any worker who has special skill, training, knowledge, and (usually acquired) ability in their work. A skilled worker may have attended a college, university or technical school. Alternatively, a skilled worker may have learned their skills on the job.

Where is adept the best from?

Austin, TexasBorn on March 3, 1994, adeptthebest hails from Austin, Texas, United States.

Is XQC still dating adept?

Adept and Felix have been rumored to be dating for close to two years but the couple is yet to confirm a relationship. … They are so close that rumors about them being in a relationship have persisted for close to two years.

Is adept better than proficient?

As adjectives the difference between proficient and adept is that proficient is good at; skilled; fluent; practiced, especially in relation to a task or skill while adept is well skilled; completely versed; thoroughly proficient.