Quick Answer: What Does Bootless Mean?

What does bootless mean in Shakespeare?

without boot or advantage, uselessBOOTLESS: without boot or advantage, useless..

What does nugatory mean?

Nugatory, which first appeared in English in the 17th century, comes from the Latin adjective nugatorius and is ultimately a derivative of the noun nugae, meaning “trifles.” Like its synonyms “vain,” “idle,” “empty,” and “hollow,” nugatory means “without worth or significance.” But while “nugatory” suggests triviality …

What unavailing means?

: not availing : futile, useless.

What does bootless mean in Old English?

without advantage, unprofitablebootless (adj.2) “without advantage, unprofitable,” late Old English botleas “unpardonable, not to be atoned for, without help or remedy,” from boot (n.2) + -less. Meaning “useless, unprofitable” is from early 15c.

What does beef witted mean in Shakespeare?

(obsolete) stupid; dull * Shakespeare, ”Troilus and Cressida” *: The plague of Greece upon thee, thou mongrel beef-witted lord!

What is the meaning of ersatz?

being a usually artificial and inferior substitute: being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation ersatz turf ersatz intellectuals.

What does ne’er mean in Old English?

OLD-FASHIONED, Poetic neverne’er in American English (nɛr ) adverb. OLD-FASHIONED, Poetic. never.

What does solipsistic mean?

extreme egocentricity: of, relating to, or characterized by solipsism or extreme egocentricity The new punks can only rant about solipsistic concerns: themselves, their friends and girlfriends, and us, the people they think look at them funny.—

What does Neer mean?

nominal effective exchange rateThe nominal effective exchange rate (NEER) is an unadjusted weighted average rate at which one country’s currency exchanges for a basket of multiple foreign currencies.

Is ne’er a word?

ne’er – not ever; at no time in the past or future; “I have never been to China”; “I shall never forget this day”; “had never seen a circus”; “never on Sunday”; “I will never marry you!”

What does fly bitten mean in Shakespeare?

: marked by or as if by the bite of flies.

What does tickle brained mean?

noun One who has a tickle or unsteady brain, as one intoxicated.

What does hither mean in modern English?

(hɪðəʳ ) 1. adverb [ADVERB after verb] Hither means to the place where you are.

What does Dost mean Shakespeare?

dodost = do. doth = does. ‘ere = before. hast = have. ’tis = it is.

What is ne’er short for?

never, ne’er(adverb) not ever; at no time in the past or future.