Quick Answer: What Is A 1 Up?

What’s a pillow princess?

A pillow princess is a slang phrase that describes someone, mostly an LGBTQ woman, who prefers to receive sexual stimulation more than they do to give it..

What does getting down with someone mean?

To get down is to boogie ,dance, get groovy , move funky to the music.. Or to go down on someone is to go down there below the bellybutton and get funky with it , wash that genital area with your mouth. … Or if your having sex and your partner asks to go down on you would you stand up and dance?

What is a one up?

US, informal : to get an advantage over (someone) one up. adjective. English Language Learners Definition of one up (Entry 2 of 2) informal : having an advantage over someone : in a position that is better than someone else’s position.

What does 1up mean in Mario?

acquiring an extra lifeMario acquiring an extra life by picking up a 1-Up Mushroom. Mario gathering coins to eventually have 99 lives to defeat a Reznor, in Super Mario-Kun. An extra life (also known as a 1-Up, 1-UP , 1UP, or Life Up) is a term used in video games, especially platforming games, such as those in the Mario franchise.

Where does 1up come from?

The origins of 1Up Both “1Up” and “2Up” were used as flashing notifications to tell player one and player two whose turn it was to play. These typically appeared next to the players’ scores on the back glass of retro pinball machines.

What is another word for one up?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for one-up, like: finesse, trump, win, P&HE, Cashak, scotsgay, live-circuit, appearred and scoresheet.

What does go down mean sexually?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgo down on somebody phrasal verbto touch someone’s sexual organs with the lips and tongue in order to give them sexual pleasure → go→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpusgo down on • I licked his chest and then went down on him.

What does Starfishing mean?

Starfishing is a derogatory term for women that are still or unmoving during sex. … Sex where the girl’s arms and legs are spread as far apart as possible, like a starfish. Legs open wide, arms out, and a very bored look on her face as she rolls her eyes and waits for the guy to be done.

What does fish mean in jail?

Fish, appearing especially in the phrase fresh fish, is prison slang for new, first-time inmates, usually considered naive and vulnerable.

What does 1up mean slang?

extra lifeSo “1UP” once meant “player 1”. More recently, it means “extra life”.

What does Rabbit mean sexually?

US, Slang. a sexually attractive young woman. often used in combination. ski bunny, beach bunny. Word origin.

What does 1up mean in Pac Man?

“Player 1’s turn.” Whoever added this must have been referring to the fact that some games announce “1UP” when it’s player 1’s turn to take the controls (and “2UP”, etc. for other players). But “1UP” does not refer to the turn, as defined here: it refers to the player himself.

What does fishing mean sexually?

Definitions include: to have sexual intercourse.

What do you call someone who always one ups you?

As implied by the question itself, the standard term for the behaviour itself is one-upmanship. Although alphadictionary.com is prepared to accept one-upman as a word in itself, to be honest I think they’re in the minority on that one.

What does the red mushroom mean in Mario?

Turns Small Mario into Super Mario (most appearances), turns Mario into Mega Mario (Super Mario 64 DS). A Super Mushroom (also known as a Magic Mushroom, a Power Booster Mushroom, a Power-Up Mushroom, or simply a Mushroom) is a red mushroom that serves a particular function depending on the game in which it is found.