Quick Answer: What Should You Ensure Before Using The Angle Grinder?

What type of abrasive wheel is suitable for hand held grinding machines?

An abrasive wheel is a wheel, cup or cone consisting of abrasive particles bonded together with various substances.

There are two main types of bonding agent, inorganic and organic.

Only organic-bonded wheels should be used for portable and hand-held grinding machines..

Why are angle grinders so dangerous?

High operational speeds, unguarded and oversized discs on angle grinders can increase the potential for disc bursting. When a disc bursts, fragments can fly outwards and injury the worker and anyone near him; 2. Whilst cutting or grinder, Angle grinders can kickback when it grabs or jams on the material.

What is the minimal personal protective equipment that must be worn when operating an angle grinder?

Protect your eyes and face: wide vision goggles or medium impact safety glasses should be used at a minimum. For 9” angle grinders, a face shield combined with goggles or glasses can provide high impact protection.

Can I use my angle grinder as a sander?

When you need to remove or sand a lot of surface wood away, turning your angle grinder into a sander is the easiest and most cost effective way to do it. For removing large surface areas, or sanding wood, Tork Craft Flap Discs are available in 40-, 60, 80- and 120-grit varieties. …

Can an angle grinder cut concrete?

Although the various concrete cutting saw is available, an angle grinder is the most convenient tool for small concrete cutting work. Besides, an angle grinder is useful for cutting tiles, bricks, granite, marble and other materials.

Can you use a 4 inch blade on a 4.5 inch angle grinder?

no you cant use 4″ discs on 4.5″ grinders the arbors are different size. get one of dem der A-daptor kits. most 4″ discs have a 3/8 or 1/2 arbor hole, whereas most 4.5 and up discs have a 7/8 arbor hole. Not always, but the vast majority of the time.

Which of the following is a safety self inspection check one must do before using an angle grinder?

Before using check….- Declutter the workspace. Ensure you have a safe clear area in which to work free of trip hazards, obstacles, or. … – Ensure sufficient lighting of work area. … – Power cord, extension lead, socket. … – Ventilation. … – Flammable materials/items. … – Grinder Guard. … – Side Handle. … – Support of work piece.More items…

When should you use an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are versatile tools that can grind metal and cut tile, stucco and pavers, rout out mortar, plus they can sand, polish and sharpen. Learn to use an angle grinder to cut tile, mortar and pavers; make quick work of rust and loose paint removal; sharpen blades and cut or grind steel.

What is the best angle grinder to buy?

Porter-Cable PCC761B#1 – DeWalt DWE402 4-1/2″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinder.#2 – Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinder.#3 – Metabo WEV15-125 HT 4.5″ Heavy Duty Angle Grinder.#4 – Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel Cordless Angle Grinder.#5 – Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder.More items…•

How do you maintain an angle grinder?

Angle Grinder Maintenance: A Regular/Periodic Maintenance ManualClean the external and internal surfaces of the angle grinder. … Ensure that it is properly greased. … Make sure it is properly connected to the power cable. … Check to be sure that all cables are in place and the best working condition.

What are most angle grinder injuries from?

Most angle grinder injuries are from metal particles lodging in the operator’s eye. However, the most serious injuries are from kick-back, where the disc is thrust back violently towards the operator. Angle grinders used with cutting discs expose workers to a range of severe additional hazards.

Are 9 inch grinders banned?

Note: 9 inch (230 mm) angle grinders have been banned on some work sites due to the increased risk of injury. The increased power and size of the unit will cause more severe kickback and gyroscopic effects (i.e. makes the grinder difficult to manoeuvre).

What is the material called that holds the abrasive wheel together?

The wheels are generally made from a composite material consisting of coarse-particle aggregate pressed and bonded together by a cementing matrix (called the bond in grinding wheel terminology) to form a solid, circular shape.

What test should be performed on abrasive wheels?

Before an abrasive wheel is mounted, it must be inspected closely for damage and should be sound- or ring-tested to ensure that it is free from cracks or defects. To test, wheels should be tapped gently with a light, non-metallic instrument.

Are angle grinders safe?

The most serious injuries from angle grinders are lacerations from kickbacks and lacerations from attachments (such as grinding discs and wheels) that break or shatter to become projectiles. … However if the use of an angle grinder can’t be avoided, ensure you use it safely.